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Three-Bdroom Moving Kit

moving kits for a four bedroom house

Three-Bdroom Moving Kit


From the smallest roll of tape to the big boxes, you can find in this moving kit all supplies you might need! This kit is perfectly tailored for your three-bedroom move.



Preparing to move out of a three-bedroom house or apartment can be quite stressful. Mostly when it comes to choosing the right amount of moving supplies for your move. Fortunately, our years of experience in residential moving have helped us understand what and how many supplies are necessary for this kind of move. Therefore, we created this three-bedroom moving kit that covers pretty much all your needs when it comes to moving supplies. The kit includes 90 boxes of various sizes, packing paper, tape, and markers, plus three mattress bags – two for queen mattresses and one for single / double.

In case you need extra moving supplies, you can order them here.

The three-bedroom moving kit includes:

Three Bedroom Kit $454.99
40 small boxes Boxes $119.6
30medium Boxes $119.7
20 large Boxes $99.8
8 Rolls of Tape $31.92
50lbs Packing Paper $90
2 Black Marker $5.98
2 Queen Mattress Bags $39.98
1 Single/Double Mattress Bags $14.99


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