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2.0 cu. ft. Moving Box

2.0 cu. ft. Moving Box


Medium size cardboard box, durable and very practical, perfect for storing a large variety of items. The moving box is one of the essential supplies needed for any residential or commercial move.

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Dimensions: 18″ X 15″ X 12″

The cardboard box is without question an indispensable moving supply – probably the most important for any kind of move. This 2 cu. ft. moving box is our all-time most-wanted. You can use it to store kitchen supplies, office supplies, books, and even clothes, if you want! These boxes are easy to handle and can be easily and safely stowed in the truck during the move.

Our moving boxes are reusable and durable, so feel free to use them again after this move. They are 100% strong cardboard and can also be easily recycled, being entirely biodegradable.


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